CEL-SCI Stock Showing Positive Movement With Multikine Phase-III Trial

In the recent conditions of a worldwide pandemic, several industries are getting thwarted and facing losses whereas some are thriving and showing positive movements. One such industry is pharmaceutical and clinical researches who are continuously working to bring about new changes in the medical world. Some companies are working towards fighting Covid whereas some are working on some of the record-breaking immunotherapy medications like CEL-SCI, a biotech corporation. Currently, the cvm stock price at https://www.webull.com/quote/amex-cvm  is showing movements due to the long-overdue Phase-III trial completion.

CEL-SCI working on Multikine

As a clinical-stage biotechnology company, they are on the verge of bringing a breakthrough drug called Multikine if the endpoint of the Phase-III trial ends on a positive note. They have been working on a nine-year trial to bring a non-toxic treatment for head and neck cancer. They are at the last stage of trials and the top-line results will be notified in 2-3 months. This will be a major breakthrough in the medical market as HNC is an unmet medical need and has around 600,000 global cases. All this news has shown a positive position for the company in the stock market.

Reasons for better performance

Phase-II trial was successful and impressive; therefore experts are expecting an equally successful Phase-III trail. Some of the reasons why success is looking imminent for CEL-SCI are:

  • Mathematical simulations: there were three different mathematical simulations conducted by three organizations and every single one of them showed a minimum of 20-30 percent of improvement over SOC. Therefore writing off Multikine Phase-III trail successfully.


  • Options: in April 2020 CEL-SCI employees and key individuals were offered options in a total of 3.5 million shares. Also, these shares were tied to cvm stock price. The conditions that were applied in these options was that they will vest 100% of its purchase price under 2 conditions, that either when the marketing applications are filed or when the stock price will exceed $40 in consecutive 10 days.


  • Improved facilities: in the quarterly report of 2020, the company reported facility improvement along with it they are also hiring new positions for a manager. These things will add an excessive amount to the cash expense. It looks like the management is expecting a successful completion of Phase-III trial.


  • Zero Turnovers in management personnel: senior management has been part of the company for more than 25 years straight. The kind of financial challenges the company faced in the last decade should have resulted in a major management turnover. But it looks like they are anticipating a big success with Multikine.

Final words

Looking at the positive factors and what management is reporting it can be said that Multikine will be a success and that is showing a major upward movement in its stock price. Lately, CEL-SCI is proving to be a positive investing option for many investors. You can also know ngd stock information at https://www.webull.com/quote/amex-ngd .