Question & Answers Related During the Balloon Flight

Here we cover some question related the balloon flight which normally customers asked to us before Myanmar balloon ride. Read it and if you have any other question, feel free to contact us.

What is the process of a balloon flight?

The process looks like this: From the agreed meeting point (approx. 3 hours before sunset or 1 hour before sunrise), we drive together to the starting point. There we assemble the balloon together, before the start there is a safety briefing. Setup takes about 30 to 45 minutes. The balloon flight lasts between 60 and 90 minutes, sometimes shorter, sometimes longer. At the landing site we pack the balloon together again and there is a drink. In the evening with cold green potions, in the morning we have coffee and tea with us. From here it goes back to the meeting point where your car is waiting for you.

When do we start the balloon flight?

The times are as follows: In summer we only start in the morning and in the evening – the weather is most suitable for ballooning at the off-peak times. Approx. We meet an hour before sunrise and are in the air just in time for sunrise. In the evening we meet about 3 hours before sunset, we start about 2 hours before, depending on whether the wind allows it. In winter we can also drive during the day.

How long does a balloon flight take?

Depending on the wind, weather and landing area, our balloon rides take between 60 and 90 minutes. You cannot say this exactly beforehand! In winter, the balloon flight usually takes a little longer: it is colder, we need less gas and can therefore stay up longer.

Hot air balloon flight – what to wear? Which clothes?

Dress as if you were going hiking on the day of the balloon ride: Definitely sturdy shoes and long trousers. Whether it’s a T-shirt or a sweater, the temperatures tell you outside. It is only marginally colder in the air than on the ground. Since the burner is very hot above our heads, it is often even warmer at the top. Another phenomenon is the “inversion weather”, especially in summer. Then it gets warmer in the air than on the ground.

Hot air balloon flight – what to take with you?

First, put on your clothes comfortably, it is important to have sturdy shoes. Otherwise you do not need much, gladly cell phone and camera. Summer sunscreen, sunglasses and sun hat as well. We take care of the rest. Since the journey only takes about 1 to 1.5 hours, you don’t need anything to eat. If it’s particularly hot, we’ll take drinks in plastic bottles for you.

Hot air balloon flight – can I make phone calls with the mobile phone on board?

Basically, calling on board a hot air balloon is allowed and does not affect on-board electronics. But please be considerate of the other passengers – that’s why we don’t like it when you make calls on board.

Hot air balloon flight – does the mobile phone work on board the hot air balloon?

Depending on the altitude of the balloon, surfing the Internet and making phone calls work without any problems. It also depends on whether you drive over Myanmar with good network coverage or in the country, where there are fewer cell phone masts.